Every Motion comes with one of each of the accessories below.
Arm band
Available strap colours are black, orange and blue. Available pocket colours are black, orange and sky blue.

All parts are zig-zag stitched. The hook-and-loop length is willingly too long. Try it on your arm, flexed and wetsuit on, then cut the excess length if you want.

Motion slides in it from the bottom. There is a purpose-made hole in the bottom textile. Pull and lift the textile flap from inside the pocket, insert Motion, close the flap, slide the flap back between Motion and the armband bottom to secure everything. Please do not stretch the silicone.

Wear it with the pocket hole on your shoulder side and don't overtighten the strap. If the pocket is pulled by the strap, it's too tight already.
Bike attachment
Available pocket colours are black, orange and sky blue.

The holder is meant to stay attached on your bike with the provided zip-ties while the pocket and strap are meant to be easily removable when you make a stop. You can then easily strap Motion to your wrist to avoid theft.
Car attachment
This holder is meant to be placed on your car air vents and allows you to easily orientate Motion towards you.
USB accessories
12-24V mobile charger, 100-240V wall charger and a meter long USB-A to Micro-USB cable.
USB dust plugs
Dust plugs to avoid the intrusion of sand and dirt in the USB connector. Please remember to keep these on when the connector isn't in-use.

These are currently being remade, wider, to be easier to remove. You'll currently receive these but will receive the new ones by mail as soon as they are available.
Universal holder
Universal holder you can cut, glue, screw, tape to fix Motion to anything you please. Available colours are black, orange and blue.