Useful notes when trying a development firmware
Do not downgrade to an older firmware without contacting us first.
You are at risk of losing your custom settings.
[LCD] Press the top and bottom center buttons for 10 seconds if you need to force it to restart.
[Mini] Press the button 12 times if you need to force it to restart.
Hardware change
Changes casings to improve hold against the arm and avoid the need to remove the strap to charge.
Fixes rare difficult start after 3+ months unused.
Fixes rare spurious battery charging notification.
Upgrades battery gauge.
Upgrades GNSS oscillator.
Upgrades WiFi filter.
[LCD] Upgrades radio chipset and oscillator.
3202 (bugfix)
Collection of bugfixes.
10Hz is downgraded to 5Hz on uBlox M10 devices until I achieve zero lost points. Previous devices are unaffected.
3190 (development)
Simplifies and clarifies timezones, speed units and distance units.
[LCD] Brings back live configuration of brightness, timezone, speed unit and distance unit.
3183 (development)
Fixes an end of run detection issue.
3181 (development)
Adds HDOP data to 1Hz GPX files. These are only convenience files for users of Strava and similar. Always use OAO files for competitions.
3180 (development)
Improves GNSS configuration.
Improves the alignment between live statistics and competition rules.
[LCD] Adds SYNC feature to countdowns.
3176 (development)
Changes the Alpha 500m minimum speed filter to accomodate slow downs to near-standstill which, it turns out, are allowed by competitions.
3175 (release)
Full tick Alpha 500m according to Michael George's
In worst case scenarios, devices will now restart and resume logging on their own.
You can now have the device connect to your own WiFi networks (configurable in settings). This will allow your computer/smartphone to stay connected to the internet and will make it easier to view the embedded map on each log's page.
You can now connect to the embedded website through a convenient url like http://motion-IDENTIFIER/ so http://motion-602/ for example.
[LCD] New pages like stopwatch, countdown, a summary of your best results. New templates for custom pages.
[LCD] Display will now wake up every minute to show charge status when the device is off but charging.
[LCD] You can now set a racing countdown that will switch to your favourite page upon completion (configurable in settings).
[Mini] LED can now blink red every 10 seconds in normal use (configurable in settings).
[Mini] LED can now blink your four favourite statistics (configurable in settings).
[Mini] LED will now blink the battery level every 10 seconds when the device is off but charging.
[Mini] Press the button three times to connect the device to your own WiFi network (after configuring its login/password in the settings through the normal WiFi mode). The LED will blink red/green while searching for a viable network then stay green when connected.
[Mini] You can now exit WiFi mode and resume normal mode by pressing the button twice or thrice.
3173 (candidate)
Untrustworthy WiFi networks (public, event, clubhouse, restaurant, company, ...) can now be forbidden from editing or deleting data.
3170 (development)
Devices will now automatically restart and resume logging after a panic (shouldn't happen).
[LCD] Fixes a major random crash issue.
[M10] GNSS configuration changes.
3142 (development)
[Mini M10] GNSS configuration changes.
[Mini] While charging, the LED will blink every 10 seconds to indicate the charge level. It will quit blinking once fully charged.
3130 (candidate)
Battery scale improvement.
[LCD] Shows the identifier of the device on the charging-status-when-off screen.
[LCD] Fixes a low power entry regression: screen would dim down as soon as speed was below threshold. Adds back a 2min delay.
3125 (candidate)
Fixes a minor issue when cancelling a WiFi connection attempt.
3124 (candidate)
Allows many more different characters in the board, sail, fin, etc fields.
Fixes two minor issues in Alpha 500m.
3120 (candidate)
[LCD] Low power modes improvements.
[LCD] Fixes an issue when exiting the countdown setup without confirming it.
3119 (candidate)
[LCD] Fixes an issue when the color scheme is switched.
[LCD] Changes the panic reset trigger to top right + bottom center buttons during 10 seconds.
3118 (candidate)
Fixes an issue when archived logs had their statistics recomputed.
[LCD] Results > Bests now show Max, 1s, 2s, 10s, 5x10s, 1h, 100m, 250m, 500m, 1852m, A500m and distance.
3117 (development)
Changes Alpha 500m minimum speed to 1m/s.
[LCD] Fixes an issue when the page switched to Results or Customs after a countdown.
[Mini] Improves the webserver speed.
3116 (development)
Alpha 500m is now full-Hz.
Safe mode change
From this point on, the safe mode WiFi network will be named "Motion Safe IDENTIFIER" to avoid shadowing the normal WiFi network named "Motion IDENTIFIER". This is not backported to older devices as the safe mode is burned during assembly.
3115 (development)
Alpha 500m corrections according to
[Mini] When the device is off and placed on its charging pad, the usual three LED flashes indicating the current battery level will be replaced by a 10 seconds green LED when the battery is completely recharged.
3110 (development)
Increases 1Hz and 2Hz battery life.
Reduces energy burden in WiFi modes.
[LCD] Increases the speed at which the pages change when left or right button is kept pressed.
[Mini] Decreases the delay before the device reacts to button presses.
[Mini] Changes red LED flash every 12 seconds to every 10 seconds (to better suit the new low power improvements).
3109 (development)
[LCD] Adds two more custom page templates: 6 rows x 2 columns (small font, fading titles) and 6 rows x 2 columns (small font, permanent titles limited to 4 characters).
[Mini] Increases the duration of the red LED on shutdown to 10 seconds.
3108 (development)
[LCD] When the device is off and placed on a charging pad, it will now wake up a few seconds every 5 minutes to display "Charging xx%" until charging is complete. The percentage is very approximative. You can also check on it yourself by pressing the bottom center button once. Pressing the button longer would start the device in normal mode, as usual.
[LCD] Adds a new "Bests" page to "Results" showing the best performance of each most commonly used statistics.
3107 (development)
Complete webserver overhaul.
[Mini] Adds back the possibility to exit WiFi mode and resume normal mode by pressing the button two or three times.
Hardware change
Wireless power receiver change.
GNSS receiver is now an uBlox M10.
[LCD] Will last 72+ hours in 5Hz 3-GNSS + Augmentation with no display use, 36+ hours with default display settings, 29+ hours with constant display use at 10% brightness, 14+ hours with constant display use at 100% brightness.
[Mini] Will last 24+ hours in 5Hz 3-GNSS + Augmentation.
3106 (development)
Adds the possibility to connect the device to your own regular WiFi network(s) instead of you connecting to the device's internal network. So you can stay connected to the internet.
Adds motion-IDENTIFIER as a convenient link to access the webserver. Examples: http://motion-409/ or http://motion-2721/
[Mini] Adds connection to your regular WiFi network(s) on 3 button presses. Keeps regular WiFi access on 2 button presses.
3105 (development)
Fixes an issue when the webserver was started, stopped, started, stopped, ...
[LCD] Adds stopwatch and countdown to Time menu.
[LCD] Adds default countdown length setting.
[LCD] Adds the possibility to switch to another page immediately after countdown end (to be configured in the settings).
3104 (development)
Improves number formatting.
Improves panic restart efficiency.
[Mini] Adds panic restart by pressing the button 12 times or more.
[Mini] Improves button presses recognition, lengthens time between possible sequential presses.
[Mini] Cancels the incoming "optional red LED flash every 12 seconds" if the button has been pressed (to avoid confusion).
[Mini] Changes the default custom LED flashes settings.
3100 (development)
Adds Michael George's Alpha 500m algorithm (using minimum distance 100m instead of the default 250m, and minimum speed 2m/s instead of the default 1m/s)
Adds a 3min wait period to the logger after startup or wireless mode to avoid useless tiny logs.
Changes uBlox M8 configuration sequence (not the configuration itself).
[LCD] Adds Alpha 500m in Results.
[LCD] Will now show --.-- in lieu of live speed when the solution is unreliable.
[LCD] Improves tiny font window titles.
[Mini] Adds a red LED flash every 12 seconds (to be enabled in the settings).
[Mini] Adds custom LED flashes to view speed (to be configured in the settings). 1 red flash for each 10. 1 green flash for each 1. In user-defined speed unit. Example: 36kn equals 3 red flashes and 6 green flashes. A constant value can be substracted from the speed to reduce the amount of red flashes. If you are only interested in your speeds above 30kn, you can substract 30 thus 36kn now equals 6 green flashes only. And 42kn would now equal 1 red flash and 2 green flashes.
Changes GPX format to be more versatile. GPX files are meant for Strava (and similar) users. For competitions, always use the OAO files.
[LCD] Adds two more custom page templates: 6 rows (small font, permanent titles) and 4 rows x 2 columns (small font, permanent titles limited to 4 characters).
[LCD] Improves the use of whitespace to increase contrast.
Hardware change
[LCD] Starting with identifier 2800, the wireless charging coil will now be centered in the device.
November 2022
[LCD] Maps and tracks.