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Connect to PC
This menu will only appear once you've connected the USB cable to your computer and then to Motion. Please first make sure that the USB connector and USB cable are free from water, dust, and sand..

Once you've selected this page, Motion will negotiate a connection with your computer as an USB High-Speed Mass Storage Disk and will show up as an usual disk drive.

To disconnect safely, please either :
  • "safely eject" the media from your operating system,
  • press both the upper-right and lower-center buttons together.
Once done, please make sure to place the USB silicone dust plugs back over the USB connector.

A full run-down of the procedure can be found in the documentation : How to connect to a computer via USB.
Frequently asked questions about computer connection and USB
Are there any system requirements on the PC side ?
Any modern operating system will do.
Are there any hardware requirements on the PC side ?
An USB-A female port, the most common.
I can't find the "Connect to PC" menu !
Make sure to first connect the USB cable to the computer and then to Motion. This menu only appears when an USB connection is possible.