Desktop utilities are available for any recent Windows, MacOS and Linux operating system and can be found on the main Downloads page. They will convert or digest files much faster than Motion can. Simply download and extract the archive anywhere you please.

These are optional.

You can keep the utilities on your Motion at all time but we recommend you to execute them from a folder on your computer's local drive. It will be faster.
Desktop utilities
First, add all the .oao files you wish to convert or digest in the same folder as the programs. Then click the program of your choosing.

motion-convert will transform oao to gpx and vice-versa.
motion-digest will print an easily readable digest of your log including valuable informations and best performances : example.

On MacOS, you'll have to right-click and "Open" to execute motion-convert.command and motion-digest.command.

On Linux, you'll have to chose "make executable and run" to execute motion-convert and motion-digest.
Desktop utilities
A prompt will show you the completion status of your requests. Once read, press enter to exit.
Desktop utilities
The new files are now available in the exact same folder.
# Digest settings file.

# Speed unit : km/h, kn, mph, m/s
#   default: km/h

# Distance unit : km, nm, mi, m
#   default: km
motion-digest.cfg allows you to change the displayed speed and distance units of your digests. If this file is missing or erroneous, defaults are km/h and km.