Motion is not a safety device. It comes with no guarantee and no promises. We simply hope it might help someone someday. Do not take any risks.

Emergency is a simple radio wave position beacon. When you enable it, your last known valid position and a few other informations are transmitted once every minute to other nearby users.

Please note that in order to avoid user experience degradation, we reserve ourselves the right to blacklist any user abusing emergencies.
The emergency beacon is available at all times provided GNSS computations are valid. We recommend you to specify a distinctive nickname like your firstname or sailing callsign in the Motion.cfg settings file.
every minute.
Try to keep Motion high
to improve the radio reach.
Enabling your beacon
Enabling your own emergency beacon is done in the Emergencies menu.

Simply switch the mode from "Off" to "On".
Motion now
Raise Motion now !
The most impactful factor to the beacon reach is the height above ground of Motion during transmission. For this reason, a popup will appear before every transmission to remind you to "Raise Motion now".

Motion will stay completely available during an emergency. You can check your position, view the map and so on. You can also let it go to sleep to save battery : the popup will wake your device from low power mode itself.
Emergency sent
Another popup will warn you once the beacon has been transmitted. You can now rest until the next transmission begins a minute later.

When resting, please try to keep Motion out of the water as being submerged would hinder its position calculations.
You will receive other users's emergency beacon provided your network mode is at least "emergency". It is the default and we highly recommend it. It consumes barely any energy.

Always keep in mind that the received data is approximative : the user and his Motion might be at different positions, the last valid position may be old, the drift speed might be important and so on.
at 1725m West
Emergency received popup
A popup will appear when an emergency is received. Motion will wake from sleep on its own if needed.

To handle an emergency, please :
  • first make sure you are safe yourself.
  • Call your local emergency services. 112 in the European Union and many other countries. Consider the bystander effect and make sure emergency services were called. If you have any doubt about it, please call them too.
  • Relay the received data found in the Emergencies menu (continued below).
Latitude 50.54699
Longitude 3.874713
Distance 1725m W
User Julien
0h01m ago
Altitude 69m
Heading 268°
Speed 4.09km/h
0h01m ago
Viewing an emergency data
Please pay special attention to "0h01m ago" at the bottom. It represents the time elapsed since this position was computed and is very important information as the beacon most likely moved since.

This page will refresh automatically every time new data is received.

The second page is reached by pressing the lower-center button.

  • Latitude and longitude are expressed as Decimal Degrees.
  • Distance and cardinal direction are between your own Motion and the emergency beacon.
  • User is either Motion's unique identifier or, if available, its user's nickname.
  • Altitude is expressed as Height above mean sea level.
  • Heading is the current travel direction of the beacon in degrees : 0° being North, 90° East, 180° South and 270° West.
  • Speed and heading can be merged to approximate the beacon future position.
Viewing emergencies on the map
Emergencies are displayed as targets with red backgrounds. The most recent position received is displayed as the biggest target. All positions received prior are displayed as smaller targets.