First charge
Connect the wireless charging pad to a computer or an USB charger. Your computer might complain that it didn't recognize the new USB device but don't worry, it is only a charger and naive.

Remove the strap from your device then place it on the charging pad, strap side down. The device's LED will blink thrice to display battery level. The charging pad's own LED will become continuous blue.

A full charge takes 2 hours and yields 14 hours of use-time when settings are maxed out.

Never leave the device unattended whilst connected to a charger or a computer.
Turn it on
Press the button for 3 seconds then release it to turn it on. The LED will blink 3 times to show battery level : 3 reds equal 0%, 3 greens equal 100%. The LED will now stay off.

There is nothing more to do for it to start logging.

Do not keep the button pressed longer than 3 seconds during startup, it would force the device into safe mode.
Query its status
If you wonder if the device is on, press the button briefly. If it is on, the LED will blink the battery level. If it is off, the LED will stay off.
Switch to WiFi mode
Press the button twice in quick succession to switch to WiFi mode. The LED will become continuous green.

Then connect your computer to Motion's WiFi network and click here or copy/paste to your web browser address bar to access your device's website.

This is explained in longer form in : How to connect to a computer via WiFi (Mini).
Shutting down
Simply press the button for 3 seconds then release it. The LED will be red for 5 seconds then dim down.