Welcome !
To start, simply press the lower-center button for five seconds.

Quick important note about the armband : Motion slides in it from the bottom. There is a purpose-made hole in the bottom textile. Pull and lift the flap, insert Motion, close the flap, slide the flap back between Motion and the armband bottom to secure everything. Please do not stretch the silicone.
To move between menus, use the lower-left and lower-right buttons.
Entering a menu
To enter a menu, press the lower-center button.
00.00 00.00
V Max (km/h)
Exiting a menu
To exit a menu, press both the upper-right and lower-center buttons.
Global shortcuts
Two global shortcuts are also available :
  • press both upper-right and lower-left buttons to switch between day, night and low-power modes,
  • press both upper-right and lower-right buttons to reset logs and statistics.
These are available anytime except in the Map » Move Around mode.
Waiting GNSS
00 satellites
Follow Me
First GNSS almanac
On the very first use, you might need to place Motion outdoor for about twenty minutes for it to download its very first GNSS almanac. Subsequent starts will take a minute.

Entering the Map » Follow Me page will display "Waiting GNSS - 00 satellites" as a popup. The count of valid satellites will slowly increase until time synchronization is complete and at least seven valid satellites are found. Once done, the map will appear.
A word about low-power modes
When not moving, when you haven't used the buttons for a while, when the battery level nears 0%, Motion will first dim its backlight to lower its power consumption.

When left idling longer, it will shut the display down completely to further improve power consumption.

Computations, statistics, logs, networking, emergencies will continue to work in the background.

To wake it up, press any button.
Battery now
First charge
Connect the USB cable to one of the two chargers or to a computer and then to Motion. A popup will soon display "Battery now charging".

The battery level can be monitored in the Informations » Hardware page. Popups will warn you when the battery level is lower than 30% or nearing 0%.

A full charge takes 3 hours and yields around 36 hours of use-time. Never leave the device unattended whilst connected to a charger or a computer.
To shut Motion down, navigate to the Shutdown menu and press the lower-center button. Settings, logs and almanacs will be saved automatically.