Connect to PC
Connect to PC
Connect Motion to your computer by following this procedure : How to connect to a computer via USB.
Converting multiple OAO files to GPX
Copy and paste any OAO files you wish to convert to GPX in the "/logs" folder.
Converting multiple GPX files to OAO
You can also do it the other way around (GPX to OAO) by placing the files in the "/tracks" folder.
Exiting safely
To exit safely, the preferred method is to select the disk drive and choose your operating system variation of "Eject safely".
Or, press both upper-right and lower-center buttons on Motion.
to GPX
Connect to PC
"Converting files" popup
Motion will notice the new files and will convert OAO to GPX and GPX to OAO. This might be long due to GPX format verboseness.
3 to GPX
Connect to PC
"Converted files" popup
Once done, another popup will warn you of the conversion completion.
Connect to PC
Reconnect to PC
You can now connect Motion to your computer again to retrieve all the converted files in either "/logs" or "/tracks" folder.
Converted logs
All OAO logs previously placed in the "/logs" folder are now GPX files.