Connect the USB cable
Please first make sure that both the USB connector and USB cable are free from water, dust, and sand.

Connect the USB cable to your computer and then to Motion.
Navigate to "Connect to PC"
Press the lower-right button multiple times until the Connect to PC menu shows up.

Connect to PC
Enter the "Connect to PC" menu
Press the lower-center button to enter the Connect to PC menu.

Connect to
Connect to PC
"Connect to computer" popup
A very short popup should display "Connect to computer". Motion has started USB negotiations with your computer.
Connected to
Connect to PC
"Connected to computer" popup
Once done, the popup will display "Connected to computer".
USB Mass Storage disk
Your operating system will display Motion as an USB Mass Storage disk.

You can now modify files, retrieve logs, add maps, add tracks, change the firmware and so on.
Exiting safely
To exit safely, the preferred method is to select the disk drive and choose your operating system variation of "Eject safely".
Or, press both upper-right and lower-center buttons on Motion.

Last but not least, please remember to place the USB silicone dust plugs back over the USB connector.