Navigate to "WiFi"
Press the lower-right button multiple times until the WiFi menu shows up.
Enter the "WiFi" menu
Press the lower-center button to enter the WiFi menu.
Connect to WiFi network :
Motion 2301 Julien
and then to website :
Network informations
Motion will display the WiFi network you need to connect to and the website you need to reach.
Connect to WiFi network
Click on the wireless signal icon in the lower right of your Windows desktop. Then select the Motion WiFi network and connect to it.

From this point on, you will lose internet access. If you need to come back to this documentation or any other website, you will need to disconnect from Motion and reconnect to your regular WiFi network.

In later firmwares, Motion will connect to your network directly to simplify this.
Connect to the website
Click here or copy/paste to your web browser address bar to access your device's website.

You can now download logs and change settings. And plenty more to come.
Exiting WiFi mode
To exit WiFi mode, press both upper-center and lower-center buttons like you would exit any other menu.

Don't forget to reconnect your computer to your usual WiFi network !