I wasn't sure Motion would ever make a come back after the initial shut down of the display production and the hardship to find a worthy replacement so the website, documentation and firmware are lagging.
Most of the website presents the previous USB version of Motion. As of today, two new versions exist: a wireless LCD version very similar to the USB version (269EUR, huge waiting list) and a Mini wireless version without a display (120EUR, available in a week). The wireless LCD version will become similar in use to the USB version but the firmware has not been completely translated yet so features like Map, Charts, Emergencies aren't available yet but will be.
For now, priority goes to catching up with the waiting list. Then I'll update all these.
  • Price is 269 EUR including VAT within Europe or 234 EUR excluding VAT outside Europe and includes express tracked shipping (most often FedEx International Priority).
  • Full delivery address and payment (Paypal or wire-transfer) will be handled when your device is a week from being ready. By completing this form, you are merely entering the waiting list, not placing a binding order so don't worry if you then wish to push it back or cancel for whatever reason. Just let us know, it's fine, don't worry.
  • If you have any questions, if you need something special, if you need more than one, if you need one urgently : email us at support@motion-gps.com
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